Top Tips: How to improve your credit score?

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If you have a bad credit score you can improve it by paying all your instalments according to their agreed upon amounts and time periods.

Simply said, this means paying all your accounts (Makro, Woolworths, Pep stores, etc.) on time and paying the right amounts.

An easy key strategy is to spread out your loan applications, with enough time between them. Each time you apply for a loan you leave a 'footprint' showing the next lender that you have previously applied for a loan. If you apply for numerous loans in a short period of time this will show as a suspicious act. Using Fincheck, you can compare numerous financial options by using our loan comparison calculator without leaving a 'footprint'. This allows you to research your options without your credit score being marked.

If you have a bad credit record, it is probable that you will be charged a higher interest rate. However if you can pay off your next loan on time and according to the agreed upon amounts– you will be well on your way to an improved credit score in the near future!

The banks simply want to see that you can and will pay back the money you owe to the people or business you owe it to.