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Product Guide: Standard Bank Business Loan

Standard Bank Business Term Loan

Comparison Overview:

  • Product: Business Term Loan
  • Minimum Loan Amount: R50,000.00
  • Max loan amount: no maximum
  • Min repayment period: n/a
  • Max repayment period: 10 years
  • APR: n/a

Product Overview

The Standard Bank Business Term Loan facility is a simple way to secure funds for a period of up to 10 years. The loan is repayable in equal monthly instalments.


  • A Business term loan can be used to fund the following:
    • Buying fixed assets, for example property or equipment
    • Refurbishments and alterations
    • Buying a new business
  • The loan period is not fixed but is determined by your monthly repayments, which include interest and capital
  • The minimum loan amount is R50 000 and there is no maximum, depending on what you can afford
  • The account can be linked to our electronic self-service banking channels