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Product Guide: Mafori

Quick Personal Loan Overview

  • Maximum Loan Amount: R10,000

Get a Personal Loan Up To R10,000.

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Personal Loans up to R10,000.
  • Educational Loans up to R15,000.
  • Emergency Loans up to R7,500.
  • Approval and Payout within 24 Hours.

Apply for a Personal Loan on the Mafori Finance website, or contact them for more information.

Who is Mafori Finance?

Mafori Group of Companies (“MGC”) was founded in 1998 as an Integrated Financial Services platform targeted at the South African population excluded (or under-serviced) by the currently available financial services industry of South Africa. The Group use partnerships, collaborations, educative engagements and accessible virtual spaces to achieve its mission. They actively engage the public and maximize the use of their employees’ talents and potential as well as organizational acumen.


Humane Banking for All.


To broaden access to quality and socially responsible banking.