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Product Guide: 1Life

1Life Insurance

At 1Life they believe that insurance has the power to change lives... to help a young mother triumph over cancer or to give a family the chance to start over after the loss of a parent. If you want to ensure that you and your family have the financial protection they need against disability, illness and even death then 1Life has the solution for you.

All their products are only a telephone call away with savings of up to 22% on monthly premiums. They also offer clients a financial needs analysis to ensure that they are buying the right cover based on their individual circumstances and what they can afford.

1Life is known for

1Life promises more than just insurance. They offer affordable, simple and convenient products that meet the needs of all South Africans. Their product range includes:

1Life Promise

Their promise to you

Affordable: Because you buy directly from 1Life you save up to 22% plus your premiums stay fixed for 24 months.

Easy: Don’t get lost in the fine print. All of their policy documents have been awarded with Readability Mark. This means that they are written simply and clearly and are easily understood.

Convenient: No paperwork, no meetings and no medical examinations. Send 1Life a Call me back and buy the cover you need on the phone or online in just 30 minutes.

For you: A financial needs analysis ensures that the cover you buy is tailor-made for you and your family.