Imali Life

Use edu-stories to learn how money works and where it comes from

Imali Life is a series of educational edu-stories explaining how money works in a simple way – using illustrations about a character called Zeek.

The Imali Life team has delivered financial literacy training for over 10 years to organisations from large multi nationals to Small & Medium Enterprises.


All the Edu-stories are available in Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English, Sotho and more.


Do you or your staff struggle with debt management? Do you understand how money works?

LOOK into the stories below and gain a better financial understanding. Learn through pictures – The easiest and fastest way to gain an understanding.

Imali Life Edu-Story 1 Where does money come from?

Imali Life Edu-Story 2 What is interest?

Imali Life Edu-Story 6 Why are rich people rich?

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is it a smart time to invest?

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Infographic modules - Money and how it works?

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