How Fincheck Works

Fincheck is dedicated to helping you make better financial decisions through the simple process below

Step 1: You fill out a product application form

Once you have chosen the product category you are interested in,  you simply fill out the product application form. It's important to give us accurate details so we're best able to match you with financial products that fit your financial profile.

Step 2: Fincheck does the hard lifting and finds the banks/lenders
who are most likely to offer you finance

Our engines have been built from the ground up with you in mind. Once you have submitted your product application form, our engine gets to work on matching your financial profile with the right banks or lenders. This involves matching your financial needs with the criteria  banks and lenders have and cutting out options that won't work for  either of the parties.

Step 3: You sit back, compare your options  and enjoy the Fincheck experience

After you have filled out your form, our engine gets fired up and we  get to work. Before you can count further than "1, 2, 3" you will have  unique results matching your financial needs and profile. You can then  compare the options and apply for the product you feel will meet your  need the best. Remember, these results will already be the banks  or lenders most likely to offer you finance or loans.