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If you have a loan amount in mind and you have identified what type of personal loan you’d like, then it is time to get serious and start comparing. First, let’s make sure you’ve got the right reasons in mind for getting a loan.

“If your bank account looks like the middle of the South African Karoo, where the tumbleweed drifts by in the wind, you may have a problem in taking out a loan.” It’s no fun be

Who would have thought that the answer to unhealthy loans would come from another loan? “Two wrongs doesn’t equal right, but a debt consolidation loan can make things right.”

UBank is a well-established financial services provider that has grown over the year. It has managed to embed itself primarily within the gold and platinum mining

Before you SIGN a personal loan contract, make sure it states the following information clearly as proposed by UBank.

More loan and credit providers than ever before, are operating online. Many financial institutions and sites are indeed trustworthy – but, loan

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services sector, Yuppie Cash is proud to offer its clients access to fast, convenient and secure personal

Applying for online loans can be so unnecessarily tricky. It’s one of the reasons why Fincheck has entered the financial space online! There are so many t

Don’t worry! There is a way out of loan fraud.

Legitimate online loan research requires more than just 5 seconds with